GFA Global: For Exquisite Mosaic Tiles

Welcome to GFA Global. We make a difference to your mosaic tiles with our sophisticated designs and artistic portrayal.

Our mosaic tiles ensure the personalisation of space, in addition to enhancing your floor with colour, depth and vibrancy. Our mosaic tiles’ shop is committed to infusing strength and beauty to your flooring.

The Most Innovative Mosaic Tiles’ Supplier in Singapore

At GFA Global, we understand that tiles are much more than a covering. Our mosaic tiles, with their beautiful patterns, capture attention right from the time you enter the house. Read on for more on the benefits of our mosaic flooring.

Easy Maintenance

After installation, our mosaic tile floors are almost maintenance-free. They just need to be cleaned with the other areas of your house.

Adds Value

Our mosaic flooring offers the best value for your investment. In addition to this, we also take pride in the decorative and durable value of our mosaic tiles.

Customised to your Needs

We offer exclusive and personalised designs for our customers, no matter what the size, shape or colour plate required.

Versatility and Hygiene

Our mosaic floorings can be installed in both indoors and outdoors as per your requirements. Besides, our tiles are waterproof and non-porous. Bacteria and germs do not dwell on mosaic flooring, thus making your house free from germs. Once sealed and installed, our mosaic tiles make a hygienic addition to your house.

Free from Humidity

Our mosaic floors are also perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, as they are unaffected by humidity. They are highly durable in shower rooms, withstanding warm water from your taps. In kitchen, they are often used as backsplashes, countertops and table tops. Mosaics are hard and durable, and they just need to be cleaned to retain their shine and original lustre.

Our mosaics, with their professional look, improve the overall appearance of your rooms. With our myriad colours, we can create the most imaginative designs for your home. GFA Global ensures that your rooms are cheerful and spacious.