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Porcelain Stoneware

  • Wall
  • Floor


  1. Wall

Finishing: Natural
Color: Verde 1, 2, 3
Size: 10x120cm
Thickness: 10mm

About Uonuon
Uonuon collection draws the inspiration from Andy Warhol's works of Art. The screening technique and the impaired printing of colors are the main feature of this production. The purpose of 14oraitaliana is to bring reference to this work to the commercial and residential surfaces with 14+1 colors.

Uonuon is the pop emotion of wood, nature and colour. It starts with the white and black bases of the gres procelaing stoneware and it is enhanced with decorations that are achieved by fusing pure matter and colour at 1180 degree celsius. The result is remarkable! The special glassy enamels are transformed into a striking finish that is characterized by colour, thickness, texture, touch, high reisistance and technical superiority.

  • Infinite amount of possibilities, from"ton-sur-ton" to multicolour combinations
  • Modernized Public and Private spaces with "old-style"
  • Striking finish and texture 


  • Fine porcelain stoneware
  • Available in:
    • White Positive
    • White Negative
    • White Positive Glazaged
    • The Soft
    • Black Positive
    • Black Negative
    • Black Positive Glazaged
  • High resistance against:

Abrasion (Scratches)

Water Absorption

Chemical (Stain) Abrasion

Slip Hazard

Breakage (with application of proper installation techniques)

  • Low maintenance (Easy to Clean)

For decoration or design purposes in public or private environments, indoors and out. Lounges, halls and lobbies, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

About Porcelain Stoneware

Made from materials of lowest water absorption levels, procelain stoneware features an extremely dense (non-porous) and impact-resistant body with low water-absorption.

This results in highest level of technical qualities and benefits, making it a preferred materials for outdoor and heavy traffic areas ( with the appropriate thickness and technique of installation).

  1. Bending strength (Break resistance)
  2. Abrasion (scratch) resistance
  3. Stain resistance
  4. Easy maintenance

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