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High Technical-Performance Porcelain Stoneware
  • Wall
  • Floor
  • Personalisation (home accessories, table/ counter tops, partition walls, furniture, wardrobes, doors)
  1. Facade: Statuario Venato 
Finishing: Polished
Colour: Statuario Venato
Size: 300x150cm
Thickness: 10mm
About Statuario Venato
Part of the MAXFINE collection, known and high-respected for its perfectly polished, high-technical performance porcelain stoneware tile that can guarantee incredible aesthetic quality with the ability to withstand high levels of stress.
3 metres long and 150cm wide, it is currently the biggest porcelain tile ever made and combined with a revolutionary fine thickness of 6mm. Both are key features of MAXFINE tiles, products based on cutting edge technology while respecting the environment at the same time.
Variety and Versatility
Its measurement mean it can be easily adapted to meet any design needs - from large spaces to the smallest homes. The 6mm thickness is well-adapted for walls and flooring, also for high traffic flow areas like shopping centres and other through zones.
The products in the MAXFINE line give architects, designers and interior decorators a wide range of factory-produced marbles, granites, travetine marbles and natural stones to work with - for surroundings with high technical quality and attractive aesthetics.
  • High Technical-Performance Porcelain Stoneware
  • High resistance against:
Abrasion (Scratches)
Water Absorption
Chemical (Stain) Abrasion
Slip Hazard
Breakage (with application of proper installation techniques)
  • Low maintenance (Easy to Clean)
For decorations or design purposes in public or private environments, indoors and out. Lounges, halls and lobbies, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Floor
  • Wall
  • Ventilated Facade
  • Tops
  • Interior Decorations and Design
  • Doors
  • Marine industry (Yachts and Super-Boats)
About Porcelain Stoneware
Made from materials of lowest water absorption levels, porcelain stoneware features an extremely dense (non-porous) and impact-resistant body with low water-absorption.
This results in highest level of technical qualities and benefits, making it a preferred material for outdoor and heavy traffic areas (with the appropriate thickness and technique of installation).
1. Bending strength (Break resistance)
2. Abrasion (scratch) resistance
3. Stain resistance
4. Easy maintenance