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 of Mediterranea Collection by SICIS


  • Wall application
  • Bathroom
  • Available in Artistics Inserts (Hand-Cut Mosaic Designs, refer to Image 7) by request 

About Mediterranea Collection

Playing with the mirrored and iridescent surfaces and alternating matts and transparencies to create a spectacular, multi-form ‘garden’, 179 shades of glass were selected and blended.

Floral motifs bud forth from elegant textures, some inspired by the ardent Spanish atmosphere, others devoted to delicate Provencal springtimes, from Barcelona to Arles, and yet others from Venice to Tunis, along the liquid path of the sea, as that of the imagination. Mediterranea Collection has all the characters of its cities and civilisations that embrace around it, with amber hues and turquoise shades, mint and pomegranate. The colours blend without losing themselves in the perfect tones of a petal, pistils, the exact veining of the leaves.
Mediterranea Collection is research and synthesis: on the one hand, the repeated, perfect modularity of the fully-computerised mosaic in a myriad of combinations of background textures and floral subjects to be arranged at will, and on the other, the absolutely exclusive option of creating the same decorative elements with the artistic mosaic technique, for an even more detailed and unique result.
An original solution to the complete benefit of new design hypotheses and development options. One that will decorate large surfaces with lay surfaces that are simply to apply and yet, at the same time, highly personalised. You combine your choice of pattern, decoration, development technique and even dimensions. You can rotate up to 90°, opt for different frequencies and arrangements over the surface. You create your very own unprecedented results.


Founded in 1987, SICIS has dedicated itself to moving mosaics from the annals of history into the modern age. It sees mosaic not as a simple tiling product, but as a means of communication, and an expression of trends, fashions, and lifestyles.

Everything that takes place in SICIS is created by the hands of master artists in laboratories. SICIS do not believe in outsourcing. Instead, local resources are used with compliance to the strictest standards in terms of health and safety at work and protecting the environment. Always, at all costs, true MADE IN ITALY.

SICIS has since expanded to become a global company that is recognized as a leader in the worlds of mosaics and fine furniture.  Today SICIS features different Flagship Stores located in the main capital cities of the world: Milan, New York, Paris, Dubai, Moscow, New Delhi, Tokyo and Rome.

SICIS is available in Singapore, exclusively at GF+A Global Pte Ltd.

  • Modular Elements (Artistics Inserts, also known as Hand-Cut Mosaic Designs, are available by request)
  • Sheet Size: 29.5x29.5cm

  • 100% Manufactured in Italy


Ideal for almost any interior and exterior applications, possibilities inclusive of wet areas like kitchen, swimming pools and bathrooms